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The stress and pressure from letting things pile up had truly worn me down.  To the point that I can’t take it any longer!  The Organizing Experts Julie and Kammie really helped me (they came 2 at a time, 3 sessions total)!  I felt so relieved after the organizing sessions. -5 Star Review by Marinda C. on Yelp.com


The Organizing Experts, truly live up to their standards. Julie, did an even better job of managing me, (“but I really need to hang on to that”), because when I got to clingy to an item, we went back to my original stated goals. True testaments to their excellent work; I feel like I just moved in to this apartment. I posted pictures of my apartment on FB and my family and friends are amazed.  A friend of mine and a guest came over and waited for me to get off work. The guest said “This guy must have OCD, his apartment is immaculate”, my friend just smiled.
- 5 Star Review by Lester L. on Yelp.com


One of our fears was not knowing what the results would look like, ” what would we say to her, what would we ask when we don’t know where to start?” But she just jumped in and started asking questions and figuring out what would work out for us. We are very satisfied with the service! – 5 Star Review by Ali B. on Yelp.com


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