Kammie Lisenby nominated for PSBJ’s 40 under 40 award

Kammie Lisenby nominated for PSBJ’s 40 under 40 award

I’m honored to be nominated for this award. I have on my vision board from when I first started my little company at twenty-one years old, of a cutout from the Puget Sound Business Journal “30 under 30” awards. Now at thirty-two, I’m thrilled to be nominated with my peers for “40 under 40”. I hope it will inspire those who feel they’ve missed their opportunity, that they can still fulfill their dreams. It’s not about the number, it’s about the pursuit. 

Here’s a peek at my submission! – Kammie Lisenby

Elevator Pitch For Your Company:

The Organizing Experts™ provide a full-service “get it done quick” approach to eliminating clutter and organizing your environment for your business, home & busy lifestyle. Kammie’s full service company has helped thousands of small businesses and home owners across Seattle live clutter free since 2008. Quickly becoming a “best kept secret” in Seattle for busy professionals who want to keep an organized lifestyle.

Job Description:

CEO & Owner and Inspirational Leader: to anyone who is on this crazy journey through entrepreneurship with me. I’m so fortunate to work with people who are just as passionate as I am about the potential for these companies and the impact we want to make on the world.

Company Classification (Public, Private, Nonprofit): 



Home Service: Home Organization

Year Company Founded:


Are You A Founder:


How Did You Capitalize Startup?


List Percentage Of Company You Own:

100% Ownership

Number Of Employees In Your Company:


Is Your Company Profitable?


Explain Your Business Strategy And Provide A Recent Example:

Our business strategy is very intentional on small growth. In the beginning, I felt outside pressure of what “success” looks like. To have lots of employees, clients and huge expansion in other territories. That has changed in the recent years of our company. We are focused on a smaller team, personalized experience for our clients and online programs. I’ve found personally that bigger isn’t always better. Keeping the mindset of simplicity, having a small, dedicated, intimate approach is our key to longevity and sustainability in the marketplace.

Describe Your Business Leadership Philosophy:

We believe: A life well lived is for collecting moments and not things. We strive to work toward: Helping individuals simplify their lives and creating a workplace that is fun, fresh and deliver a transformation. Our purpose is to: Bridge the gap between individuals who strive to live a simplistic lifestyle by downsizing their plus-sized life and help those who are in need.

What Talents Or Characteristics Distinguish You From Your Peers?

My experience as professional athlete has shaped my sense of success as a young female entrepreneur. As a former NFL Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks, I’ve learned many lessons that have applied to my business foundation. I’ve learned that chasing your dreams doesn’t always equal equality, personal, professional or financial gain. Many young entrepreneurs out there are chasing fame, likes and followers. My success lies in the lives that were touched along my decade long entrepreneurial journey. Making a difference with your talents and having them received among different religious beliefs, sexual orientation and race is true success. This mindset and understanding is unique and it’s what sets our company apart.

List Some Of Your Company’s Milestones During The Past Year:

1.) Having a book published on our Impact Organizing Method™.

2.) Partnered with the University of Washington to coach faculty and staff during their health and wellness program on an organized lifestyle.

Please Explain SPECIFIC Contributions You’ve Made That Contribute To Those Milestones And The Success Of The Company:

Stuff is not the only thing in the way of accomplishing your goals, sometimes, it’s yourself. Finding my company’s voice was difficult at first. Then I really stopped listening to myself, I turned the mic on my clients and took in their experience of our services. Over and over again, I kept hearing the same things. That they are having an experience, that me and the work I’ve created, impacts their life. Everything we create is centered around the experience of getting organized and what is going to make the most dramatic outcome for that person’s life. Developing a simple method for how to create this experience and have that method published is a huge personal accomplishment for me and my company. The book is now a platform for our company mission and client expectation.

I was approached by the University of Washington to speak to their faculty to help inspire, educate and motive across multiple campuses. Not having the financial means to see college as an option in my childhood, being asked to speak to faculty, regarded as an expert in my field is a huge honor. Although the thought of standing in front of some of the most college educated minds was beyond nerve-wracking, I didn’t lean into my fear. Instead, I leaned on my faith. “I come as one, but I stand as ten-thousand”, I repeated to myself. My career and methods have been an accumulation of a decade of trial, error and hard work. To be regarded as an expert in my field, to educate and inspire is a humbling and empowering posting to be in.

This Award Honors Those With Entrepreneurial Spirit. Please Demonstrate How This Applies To You In Your Current Role:

To me, entrepreneurial spirit is in my DNA. I believe you have to be relentlessly optimistic even when everything looks like it’s failing. You have to keep yourself, your team and your clients dedicated to moving forward. Progress over perfection. I have the ability to look at everything as an opportunity for improvement or a creative endeavor that brings financial gain. If we are talking in terms of spirit, I believe that entrepreneurship is an open window to the soul of your deepest calling, to bring forth your talents and gifts to make an impact on the world around you.

In Your Current Position, Of What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud?

Meeting both my mentors Peter Walsh and Oprah Winfrey and having the opportunity to thank them for inspiring my journey in entrepreneurship using my talents for home organization.

Describe Your Biggest Business Challenge Or Toughest Business Decision And What You Learned From It:

My biggest business challenge was facing a downturn in seasonal income and needing to make payroll adjustments. What I learned from that, is it takes special time and attention when making changes to employee finances. You can’t simply send an email describing dramatic change and expect everyone to be on the same page. I lost several employees that were very instrumental to my business during that time. Communication and transparency is everything in a small business.

List The Industries That You Primarily Serve In Your Company? Who Is Your Customer?

Homeowners and renters who are looking to live for moments and not things. Typically, busy business women and men in the Seattle/Bellevue Metro between that ages of 35-60.What Distinguishes Your Company From Its Competition?We transform any cluttered space in a single session, delivering the most visual impact in the shortest amount of time by using our Impact Organizing Method™.

Describe Your Immediate Past Or Current Civic Contributions Within The Puget Sound Region.

I believe effective engagement is built on service, learning, and community. Our company works with multiple organizations and non-profits within the Puget Sound, including the Children’s Home Society of Washington, to place “once loved” items from clients into the individual hands who need them most.

I also started a personal outreach program helping homeless in the Seattle Metro Area, a cause I am passionate about bringing attention to this growing epidemic. I prepare and deliver “care packages” to those in need. I also teach clients, friends and family the importance in humanizing people in need by helping with what you have to offer in this moment. It may not be financial, but just taking a moment, to help in any way you can be giving what you have at that moment. Be it your time and acknowledgement or a “care package” you can deliver from the comfort of your own car. I use the business to facilitate those who are overwhelmed with too much stuff to reach and bridge a gap for those who are in desperate need of basic necessities.

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