Ep 14: Military Spouse, Motherhood & Clothing Design w/ Rebekah Adams of “poppyseed clothing”

Rebekah Adams is a business boutique owner, mother and military wife here in Tacoma, WA. She owns Poppyseed Clothing, Clothing that fits regardless. Designed in Tacoma, WA and Made in the USA.

I always used to be really proud of how little sleep I got and how much I was working, how busy I was. And now being a business owner and a mom and a mil spouse, I really don’t get that much sleep, but now I am realizing it’s not really a great badge to have. To be busy and burnt out all the time all the time. It’s better to be able to say I got 8 hours of sleep last night and I took the weekend off because I’ve been able to streamline and actually ask for help and not have that ego that I can do everything myself.

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