Staying Organized with Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are little soul keepers that offer us unconditional love and bless our lives with happiness. This may be why we try to repay them tenfold with countless toys, beds, treats and more. These animals, big or small, can begin to take over our homes with all the items we begin to collect for them! When in reality, let’s face it, just like kids, they tend to favor only a few things.

The first step is to assess what our dogs are using daily and what they are not. During this process, you can easily sort items into daily use, regular use, and rarely used. Be honest with yourself and only keep the items you and your pup actually use.

Once you have downsized, you can begin to setup simple storage solutions. We like to keep items for the go by the door in a bin or bag by the front door for easy transport to and from the car. This allows you to easily collect items into one container and always be ready for your walk or trip to the park.

For toys, keep one small bin and cycle them out when you bring new toys home.

Keep your leash hanging with your jackets, along with a bag of waste bags, for quick access for walks.

Car seat covers, such as the one you see below, are a great way to keep your car fresh from pet hair and easy to setup and take down.

If your dog is messing on your floor, the most common reason is that they are confused. If the floor of your home looks like a demolition zone, imagine what it looks like from a foot off the ground! It is important we keep a clear floor space to ensure our friends can easily tell the difference between their waste zones and living space. The least we can do for our furry friends is create a safe environment for them!

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