Organizing Your Storage Unit

The first step in the process of selecting a storage unit is choosing one with easy access and decent lighting.

Next, you want to make the investment of getting shelving units for your storage unit. This will make the process of creating an inventory and making your items easily accessible for future use.

We love the five tier metal shelving units from Lowe’s.

They are fairly easy to assemble and come with casters that you can fix on the bottom. Each unit is about $100 total and a worthwhile investment.

Now that your units are assembled and you’ve created the layout of your unit it’s time to load up!

Simply unlock the casters and roll your shelving unit to your vehicle for easy load and roll back into your storage unit. Your back will thank you later for this…

Once you have your inventory loaded onto your racks and into your storage unit it’s now time to create an inventory list.

Special note here, it’s advisable to store all of your items in sealed plastic totes that are all the same color and size. This creates a very uniformed look as well as keeping your items safe from outside hazards. Once you have your items contained in plastic storage, it’s very easy to label them.

1) Label each bay numerically
2) Then label each shelf on the bay numerically
3) Create a master inventory list of your bays and shelf items for later reference!

Now you know the essentials for creating and organizing a storage unit like an Organizing Expertâ„¢!

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