The Organizing Experts™ secret to the perfect fold!

How do you get that perfect fold?

You may ask yourself why clothing stores always have the perfect fold and why can’t you replicate it at home? The answer is simple, you have been missing the secret! Stores don’t hire folding specialists, anyone can create the perfect fold. All you need is a little help.



Folding boards are the secret to creating that clean, crisp fold. With just a few steps you can obtain the satisfactory fold in five seconds!

The board is compact and folds up for easy storage. The Organizing Experts™ recommend keeping in your empty laundry basket so it doesn’t take up space and is readily available for each load.

The lightweight board is easily portable and is a MUST for college students or anyone that uses a shared laundry room. The neat and uniform fold allows for maximum space utilization in your laundry basket and closet.

Warning: Once you use a folding board you won’t ever fold clothes another way! You are saving time and space and really what more could you ask for?!

You can grab The Organizing Experts’™ favorite folding board on amazon below now!

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