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Organizing Expert™ Kammie Lisenby, takes readers who are overwhelmed with clutter through a step-by-step process she developed called Impact Organizing for getting more out of life by living with less.


Whether at home or in your work place, do you feel overwhelmed with clutter?


Seattle’s favorite Organizing Expert™ Kammie Lisenby advocates that if you adopt the Impact Organizing Method, no matter what chaos in life may come your way, Kammie gives you the tools to transform any space quickly and cut the clutter forever.


Making “maybe” piles for later will be a thing of the past. Cut the Clutter transforms our relationship with our belongings, so that we can learn to live for moments and not things.


Kammie’s full service company has helped thousands of small businesses and home owners across Seattle live clutter free since 2008. Quickly becoming a “best kept secret” in Seattle for busy professionals who want to keep an organized lifestyle.


Clutter has a way of making us feel defeated. Cut the Clutter offers a fresh approach to control it before it controls you.



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