An Organized, Meal Planned Fridge.

For those that know me personally, know that I DESPISE grocery shopping.
I can’t stand it! The whole process; meal planning, going to the store, bringing my own bags, organizing the fridge, having all the right ingredients, then trying to put it all together in time for dinner and not burning it.
-Too much work-

It wasn’t until about a month ago that I was perusing Facebook that I saw a few of my friends “liked” this company called Blue Apron. This company will send you all the ingredients with the exact portion sizes!

Ta-Da. I’m saved!


My boyfriend and I have been using Blue Apron for over a two months now and we both have so much fun preparing each meal.


It comes with step by step (with pictures) of how to prepare each dish. Which means it so easy to cook that even my boyfriend easily prepares a gourmet dish in 30 minutes. No stress. No shopping. AND, it’s a new and exciting activity for the both of us delivered right to our door!

So now that we get a package each week with 3 meals inside. The expert organizer in me needed a “system” for my meals inside my fridge.

Today as I was doing some “retail therapy” I came across these awesome drawer organizers at HomeGoods in Lynnwood, WA. Each organizer was $10 each, comes with a section that you can label (WHAT?!) and has a little floating tray that you can use on top.


Here I used a dry-erase marker to put the date of arrival on each bin.


You can see that smaller items fit perfect in the floating tray!


One thing that is tricky with labeling items in the kitchen is finding the marker when you need it. So, while I was out and about today I stopped by Storables and purchased these magnetized dry-erase markers for $5 making these super easy to access when I need them.

This whole process has made meal planning effortless and fun.

Have you tried Blue Apron? What are your thoughts?



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