Craft Room Confidential: 3 Tips to Creating Your Ultimate Creative Space



1. Create Stations: Seperate out your tools, fabric, yarn, scrapbooking supplies, kids crafts, etc, and give each its own space. If space is limited, keep things seperated by grouping like items onto one shelf and coordinating each type of craft with its own color of boxes or labels. This area should be not only functional, but asthetically pleasing as well. You need to walk in and feel inspired, not stressed out about where to find your bobbins or your stencils.



2. Keep your Workspace Clear: Don’t clutter up all of your flat surfaces with ribbons, buttons, or over-flowing baskets. Shelving, drawers, and peg board are great ways to have an empty work table, so you’re ready to craft a moments notice. Try hanging a dowel or small curtain rod on 2 hooks, and load it up with all your ribbon; that way it is all visible and won’t come unravelled (not to mention it also becomes a beautifully colorful decorative addition). And for you quilters & sewers out there, make your space like the fabric store – glue or nail a yard stick to the edge of your crafting table, so you have a built in measuring station! If you know you need certain items specific to your craft, on a regular basis, don’t hesitate to keep out your pin cushin or a small container with some glue, scissors, and pencils, but keep it minimal so you don’t have to continually move things around just to cut a piece of fabric.



3. Get Crafty: This is your creative space, therefore, it should reflect that. There are great resources for fun storage ideas on websites like Pinterest! There is no need to spend a fortune on organinational tools either, use what you have: adhere a cookie sheet to the wall and attach magnets to small tins or cleaned soup cans, then fill them with craft scissors and other goodies, or various sizes of jars to seperate buttons, safety pins, sequins, or beads. Try upright magazine storage for construction paper & card stock, or use a wine rack with large plastic cups to seperate paint brushes, pens, colored pencils, and markers, for easy access during scrapbooking. Or fill salt shakers with your glitter! The list goes on; Just use the creative brain you have!



So crafters, get in there and make a fun craft-day out of the experience! Though it may take a little time, I promise you will be so excited by what you have accomplished and so inspired by the space you’ve created, the next time you get in that room, you’ll create magic!


Happy Organizing!

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