I had such a blast organizing with this loving family of four. Their son, age 8, was the sweetest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His father called me asking for help. Emotionally, it was very hard for him to deal with his son’s room. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, we just need help”, they told me. As soon as I met him and his lovely partner, I knew I could de-clutter his son’s room in a heartbeat. But, I had no idea his son would make such an impression on my heart. This family has so much love to give and to share. They just needed help getting it done!

His son and I spent six hours together in his little 8×9 room shuffling through toys and dust. I think the excitement of getting his ‘room back” got him pumped up. I remember him telling me, “this is so cool I can see my floor, I haven’t seen that in a LONG time!” We even found an old tooth he lost a while ago on the floor… I told him he better hurry up, if the tooth fairy couldn’t find it in his room then it’s fair game to cash it in again!

Over the years I’ve worked with lots of kids, parents and grandparents and I have to say working with this little boy brightened my day. His spirit was so full of life and possibility. He loved his toys and he has genuine respect for them and his family. Even though he had many toys, he treated them with dignity lining them up in a perfect row. He even told me “how and where” HE would like his toys organized.

It was an absolute pleasure giving him his room back and I hope he can have sweet dreams in his land of Legos…

Bedroom “Before” Photo.
Bedroom “After” Photo
Shelving Over Flowing With Toys.
Everything in it’s place.
We turned an empty closet into an efficient storage space.

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