Kammie Lisenby is a national speaker on Organized Living.

Kammie draws upon her experiences as a Organizing Expert™ and finds a way to relate to any audience. At every event, Kammie captivates the crowd with her emotionally charged storytelling and motivates with her message that everyone can free themselves of the clutter in their lives. If you are looking to inspire an audience LOOK NO FURTHER!

The Organizing Experts™ can create a custom experience so you can find exactly what you are looking for! She also has several go-to topics to help you find your way:

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The inspiration for creating The Organizing Experts™, came one rainy Seattle afternoon while watching an episode of Clean Sweep with Peter Walsh on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008.

Kammie had the great honor of meeting her living heros, as Oprah and her team of experts toured North America with the “Live Your Best Life” events in NYC and later in Seattle, WA.

“Having the opportunity to simply have a moment to say “thank you” to Oprah was all I needed. She changed my life and in turn, I’ve been blessed with this gift to change the lives of now thousands of people suffering from clutter for the last decade. Right here in my own backyard.” -Kammie Lisenby


Author of Impact Organizing

Kammie Lisenby, Seahawk NFL Cheerleader turned Organizing Expert™

Kammie has been dubbed “Seattle’s Favorite Organizing Expert” by the Seattle Home Remodel Show. Kammie’s mission is to provide a full-service “get it done quick” approach to eliminating clutter by organizing your environment that compliments your business, home & busy lifestyle. She has been featured on King5 News, New Day Northwest and mentioned in several magazines such as O Magazine and Seattle Homes & Lifestyle.

In her upcoming book, Impact Organizing, Organizing Expert™ Kammie Lisenby, takes readers who are overwhelmed with clutter through a step-by-step process she developed called Impact Organizing for getting more out of life by living with less.

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Favorite Mantras?

“The answer is always “no” unless you try.”
“When in doubt, throw it out.”
“Simply showing up is 90%, the other 10% just requires the doing.”
“If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous; don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it.”

What is your favorite thing to organize and why?

It’s what comes natural to me. I love to organize businesses and systems. I love to organize the entrepreneur.
A close second to business organization is closets. I could spend all day in a closet and often do.
As they say, “I love my money where I can see it; hanging in my closet.” It’s very rewarding for me to walk away from a day’s work and know, that you just gave your client confidence to locate the perfect pair of shoes so she can step into tomorrow with confidence rather than chaos.


Other Fun Facts about Kammie:

-Kammie met Oprah Winfrey in November 2014 at The Life You Want Weekend.
-In August 2010 while in NYC celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Oprah’s magazine, her quote was published in that month’s issue. Kammie later was also featured on the OWN network website.
-A former NFL Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks 2006-07.

Kammie featured on the OWN network.

University of Washington: Dare to Do Challenge

Kammie was chosen by the University of Washington as their Organizing Expert.


Kammie covers some quick tips for organizing your office space for more productivity and peace of mind.



This week Kammie shares her top tips for keeping up with the kitchen & family room.



Watch Kammie explain how to get the bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms organized.



Kammie wraps up the challenge with organizing your car and garage.


King5 News: New Day Northwest

Kammie visits New Day Northwest, to share with viewers how to achieve an organized life!

Seattle Real Estate Radio

The Organizing Experts™ CEO, Kammie Lisenby, joins Dan Keller and Christian Nossum to discuss clutter free living. Check out the video of the radio segment below!


King5: Morning News with Mimi Jung

Living Simply: Cut out the clutter in your home

Speaking & Events


Topic Ideas

  • December> Post-Holiday Clutter: Stress-free celebrations
  • January> Goal Setting & Getting Organized Month
  • February> Romance & Clutter
  • March> Digital Clutter & Home Office
  • April> Stress & Emotional Clutter
  • May> Moving Month
  • June> Give your man a cave he can call his own.
  • July> Procrastination: Tackle the garage, attic & basement
  • August> Back to School: Kids n’ Clutter
  • September> Organize your ideal day, take control of your time
  • October> Breast Cancer Awareness
  • November> Tackle the Kitchen: Meal Planning

Audio of Kammie at Seattle’s Spring Home Show 2016

Kammie’s recent speaking engagement at Seattle’s Spring Home Show:

“200 Things You Can Throw Away Today!”


YFE Interview

Kammie is interviewed by #Jenncast in 2014, sharing her experience in scaling a service-based business and offering organizing advice.