For me, I wanted a low budget, BIG impact makeover so I used what I had and made it better!

First thing was first, I downsized everything and reorganized my space. Then, I gathered everything in the middle of the room and painted it what I like to call, “Seattle Gray.” I also wanted my office desk to look less cluttered. So, I cleared the top portion that is most visible and filled each cubby with a colored frame, with a photo that I love in my color scheme of black and white. To organized all the “clutter” I used Martha Stewarts canvas totes with clear view labels from Home Depot.

The other day I was browsing and I saw a pin on using “foil tape” from home depot to create a wall stencil affect. Needless to say this $7.95 foil tape was a perfect match for my low budget, BIG impact desire. To be honest, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what the heck to do with this big empty wall. This worked perfect for me and only took a couple of hours to complete.

If you are a perfectionist, I DO NOT recommend using foil tape as it will have many imperfections. For my personal style this worked best “for me” because I’m all about accomplishment…not so much perfection. So if bumps and lumps bug you, don’t do the foil tape.

However, if you think the foil tape is as cool as I do, keep the design simple like I did. I used the green tape for marking my vertical lines and spacing. Then I took a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper and traced my diamond shapes onto the wall. After I was finished with my 12×12 sheet I cut it don’t and used it for my holiday gift certificates… See! Finding new uses for old things is awesome…

Next, I had the fabric laying around forever and it was perfect to recover my already, once recovered, thrift store office chair. I’ll later use the remaining pieces to make pillows for my seating area. It was SO easy to recover this chair. All I needed was; hot glue, fabric, scissors and a stapler.


Here is a quick view of the before and after process…


Here are a few items that ‘made” the room.


1.) I wanted something on my desk that organized my “quick & grab” items for everyday use. I found this awesome $3 mesh organizer at Goodwill.

2.) My ikea desk has been through at least… 8 different moves and traveled from Seattle to Phoenix, AZ. I decided to give it a little makeover using push pins from Hobby Lobby $4.35.

3.) The sitting area. Since our main headquarters is based out of my home office I wanted an “official” feel to the room and every business has a sitting room for visitors! I found these awesome chairs at Ross for $120 each. I know, I splurged a little here… I found this cute ikea coffee table at Goodwill for $5 and spray painted it white.

4.) Recover the office chair. When I was 18 years old, I was interviewing for just about anything I could get my hands on. I will never forget my interview in SeaTac, WA. This lady had the most amazing, zebra print and furry office chair… Her office decor and office chair were so chic and stylish. Coming from corporate America, I had no idea that you “could” have an office like this in business… I had total office envy! I only dreamed that someday, I too would have an office as cool as hers.

Now that I’m the boss lady, my dream of having a chic, kick-ass office is my reality. Everyday. 😉


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