Donating is a huge part of becoming more organized and decluttering. As I always say, you should never have anything in your home that you don’t use or don’t need. Also, donating is great for the environment and people in need.

A lot of the time not donating objects comes down to convenience. No one wants to spend the time sorting and packing up donation items but it’s something that will benefit you in the end. So do it! There is a Goodwill, Value Village or Salvation Army around the corner, go find the closest to you!

Is an item too large? Don’t turn that old treadmill into a coat rack because you don’t want to move it. You are giving that treadmill the power to dictate how to use your space. It’s your space, take it back!

If you don’t have the means to take those huge items, there are so many donation centers that have trucks that will come pick up those items for you, either for free or for a fee. Here are a few of those organizations and the links to get that pickup booked!


No Cost:

*Keep in mind these will pick up items from the bottom level or curbside. They will not pick up anything upstairs.*








Find the time to get rid of those things causing clutter in your home. Spring cleaning is upon us!

Happy Organizing


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